Burn That Fat With Kettlebells!


Kettlebells have been used for centuries as an exercise tool. They are great for building strength and endurance, plus certain movements that utilize them can really get your heart rate up.

Today we are going to go over 5 of these movements that you can use in your workouts to get your heart rate up and in turn help you burn fat. So let’s get to it.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are one of the most basic kettlebell movements out there. There are also a number of ways they can be performed including single arm, single arm alternating, Russian kettlebell swings, full kettlebell swings or a combination of each.

We are going to go over the full kettlebell swing because it focuses on full range of motion and in turn requires more movement and can lead to more calories burned.

The full kettlebell swing is done by starting with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart with both hands on the kettlebell and your arms resting lightly on your upper thighs.

You should also be standing straight up. Begin the movement by pressing your hips forward and swinging the kettlebell slightly out in front of you.

From there you will bend your knees and lean slightly forward while keeping a neutral spine.

The kettlebell will swing back through your legs and then you will drive your hips forward forcing the weight to swing up above your head.

At the top of the movement fully extend your arms and put your head forward. The finishing position will be with your arms slightly behind your head.

From there, reverse the movement and bring the weight back down and go right into the next rep.

Kettlebell Thrusters

Kettlebell thrusters are another full body movement that will get your heart rate up and pumping. For this movement you will start standing up with your feet at about shoulder width apart.

The kettlebell should be held by the sides of the handle with one hand on each side and the kettlebell at chest height. Your elbows should be lower than the kettlebell.

To begin the movement, start by doing a squat like you normally would until you reach parallel or just below parallel.

Once you reach the proper depth, reverse the movement and explode upwards. At the top of the squat you will then drive the kettlebell upward over your head.

Extend your arms as far as they will go and then return the kettlebell to chest level and move into the next rep.

Kettlebell Clean

The kettlebell clean is one of the more difficult movements on our list but it can be a great exercise to get your heart rate elevated.

This movement begins with the kettlebell on the ground in front of you. You will then squat down and grab the kettlebell in one hand.

You will then clean the kettlebell to your shoulder by extending through your legs and hips as your raise the kettlebell upward.

You should also shrug hard with your shoulder. As you do this you will rotate your wrist and catch the kettlebell by your shoulder and behind your wrist.

Once you finish the lift, return the kettlebell to the ground and repeat with the other hand.

Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Sumo deadlift high pulls share some characteristics with the kettlebell clean but for this exercise you will use two hands instead or one.

Your feet will also be spread out wider and your toes should be pointed out at about a 45 degree angle.

The kettlebell will start out in front of you and centered between your feet. You will extend with your legs and hips and pull the kettlebell upward with both hands.

At the top of the lift your hips should be fully extended and the kettlebell should be just below your chin.

Your elbows should remain higher than the kettlebell during the entire movement. Once you reach this top position, lower the kettlebell safely to the ground and start the next rep.

Kettlebell Pushup to Row

This last movement is the only one on the list that will require the use of two kettlebells.

You will place the kettlebells on the ground with the handles running parallel to one another.

You will then grab one with each hand in a plank position and proceed to do pushups.

At the top of each rep you will perform a single arm row. This is done by keeping your elbow in close to your body and pulling the kettlebell up to your rib cage.

You will alternate your rowing arm with each rep.


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