Let’s HIIT That Booty!


I’ve got a super fun format for our workout today! We’ll be doing 2 complimentary exercises that target the butt and legs and get our hearts pumping.

Studies show that regular high intensity interval exercise significantly increases both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, lowers insulin resistance, and results in a number of skeletal muscle adaptations like enhanced skeletal muscle, fat oxidation, and improved glucose tolerance.

The ladder format is a favorite of  mine. You begin with one rep of each move, then two, then three and keep going (in this workout we’ll go up to ten) – so you can get the fat-burning benefits of the explosive exercise, combined with a power move to sculpt and strengthen your butt and legs.

Pace yourself with me in this workout – and pay close attention to the form and options I’ll be demonstrating at the beginning. It’s far better to use a modification as we get stronger than injuring ourselves pushing too hard!

HIIT Your Booty Ladder

Format: Perform each move for 1 rep the first round. Perform each move for 2 reps the second round. Continue all the way up to 10.

Move 1: Sumo Squat

  • Stand with your feet wider than hip distance, toes turned out slightly (sumo stance).
  • Squat, driving back with your booty, knees tracking over toes and weight in your heels.
  • Jump and land softly in a regular squat position, feet approximately hip distance apart.
  • Alternate between jumping in and jumping out for the prescribed amount – one jump in plus one jump out together equals one total rep.
  • To Modify, begin in the wide sumo stance. Squat down, driving your butt back and as you power up, step in to a regular squat. Step out, leading with the other leg and repeat, alternating the side you step out on.

Move 2: Elevated Bridge Lift

  • Position yourself on your back, with your feet on any elevated surface. I’m using my ottoman in this video.
  • Dig your heels down into the box or step and drive your hips up, engaging your glutes and hamstrings. Lower with control.
  • Keep your hips level – don’t let one roll up or down.
  • You can also perform this on the ground, without any elevation and still get a great glute workout. Press through the heels and squeeze your glutes each time you come up.


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