No Time to Workout? Don’t Be Silly!


Your body is a portable gym, and in a very short amount of time you can create sculpt, tone and strengthen to create change and feel like a rockstar! You don’t need to travel to the gym, buy bulky, expensive equipment, or follow a ridiculously long workout plan just to get your daily dose of physical exercise!

Take this 2-minute Booty and Legs challenge today – you won’t need any equipment – and if you have more time, repeat the workout 3 times to see even quicker results!

2 Minute Booty and Legs Challenge Moves

1: Lunge Pulse Jump Switch – 2 cycles each leg

  • Keep your knees lined up with your toes and chest up, core engaged!
  • Pulse for 5 then jump switch to do the other leg.
  • Leave out the jump and just switch if you’re doing low impact.

2: Side Kick Squats – 3 each side

  • Shoot your butt back behind you and power up through the heels to kick out to the right, squat again and kick to the left.
  • Hold onto a chair for support to help with balance as needed!

3: Jump Squats – 8

  • Shoot your butt back and power up to jump, landing lightly – keep your chest up!
  • No-impact version do body squats.

4: Reverse Lunge Extension – 5 each leg

  • Step back to reverse lunge then lift that leg up to extend.
  • Hold a chair for balance as needed!

5: Lateral Lunge Cross Crunch – 6 each side

  • Step out to a lateral lunge, keep that knee tracking in line with your toe, power up and drive your knee across getting some bonus core action!



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