The Ultimate Keto Sandwich!


Paleo-, Whole30- and keto-friendly, this layered sandwich will make you forget all about bread AND fill you up. This flavorful, stuffed sandwich is stacked high with colorful veggies, mayonnaise and creamy avocado—all stacked between two crispy bell pepper slices.

If you’re struggling on your low-carb diet, then this is the meal for you! Forget about your love of bread and fall in love with this healthy substitution. And the best part of this recipe? You can add whatever meats and veggies you want to fit your cravings!

Homemade Breadless Keto & Paleo Bell Pepper Sandwich |


1 large bell pepper
1-2 Tbsp. mayo
2-3 slices lunch meat
1/2 Persian cucumber, sliced into rounds
1 small avocado, peeled & sliced
4 Mediterranean Organic Pitted Black Olives, sliced
Handful lettuce
Salt & pepper, to taste



1. Cut stem off bell pepper and discard. Slice bell pepper down the center; making two halves. Using paring knife, remove and discard pith and seeds.

2. Layer one bell pepper half with all ingredients and top with the remaining half to make a sandwich.


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