This All-In-One Workout Will Be Your Go To This Summer Season!


This is the only strength and cardio workout you’ll need this summer! I’m a big supporter in changing up your routine every few months so that you body doesn’t get used to your physical activity, and this routine is absolutely PERFECT for the last few months of the summer season! In less than 20 minutes, we’ll sculpt and shred our bodies head to toe with explosive cardio combined with dynamic strength-building moves.

There’s no equipment needed for this workout so grab your mat, your water bottle, your “yes I can” attitude, and let’s go!

Move 1: Reverse Curtsy Lunge to Knee Crunch (0:30)

  • Step your right foot back and behind you, bringing your right knee directly behind your left heel.
  • Push into your left foot as you stand and drive your right knee up to meet your right elbow.
  • As you step back down with your foot, come into a sumo squat and repeat on opposite side.

Move 2: Full Body Roll Up to Leg Lift (0:30)

  • Come down to your mat extending your arms above your head and legs extended out.
  • Roll your body up reaching for your toes, roll your body back down back down with control.
  • As you come back down flat to your mat, reach bring your legs straight up and lift your hips off of the ground.

Move 3: Mountain Climbers (0:30)

  • Begin in a tall plank position, hands stacked just below your shoulders.
  • Run your knees into your chest, alternating legs. Keep your core engaged.
  • Mod: Take the running out by slowly alternating your knees to your chest, or do them elevated

Move 4: Single Leg Squat (0:30)

  • Stomp your right foot to engage it with the floor and feel how it contacts on all parts to help you find balance.
  • Lift your left leg in front of you, engage your core as you sit back onto your box into a single leg squat.
  • Maintain an upright torso, keeping the core engaged and pressing through the heel to return to standing.

Move 5: Tricep Dips (0:30)

  • Come into reverse tabletop facing away from your box or raised surface, with your hands behind you on the box.
  • Keep your chest open and your elbows parallel to each other as you lower down and press up.
  • Keep your knees bent, and engage between your shoulder blades to help keep your chest open and keep pressure off your shoulders.
  • Mod: Take a standing or kneeling position holding a water bottle or weight overhead. Lower and lift it toward your back, keeping your elbows in parallel to each other and your chest open. Don’t let your back arch.

Move 6: Burpees with Alternating Side Kicks (0:45)

  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart.
  • Bend your knees and plant your hands on the floor or mat in front of you (hands stacked directly below shoulders) and jump or step your feet back into a tall plank position.
  • Keep your core tight and do a push-up (optional) – jump your feet back to your hands and load your weight in your heels.
  • As you come up kick your leg out to the side. Repeat.
  • Mod: Take out the jumping by stepping back and take out the push-up.


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