This Workout Will Make You Hate Me, But Your Body Will Love Me!


Let’s HIIT it today, Rockstar! We’re getting into some Tabatas -incredibly effective and efficient workout sequencing that offers us maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

I kept this workout strong in abs and booty, while still delivering a full body workout.

To really maximize the sculpting effect of the moves you’re doing today, pay close attention to the form cues so you can activate your abs and booty effectively, letting you get the most out of your 10 minutes on the mat!

Why do I LOVE Tabatas?

For one, they’re super fast.  Give it everything you’ve got for 20 seconds, then rest for 10, repeat 8 times – you can get a killer workout done in 4 minutes.

I personally like stacking a couple them together and being done for the day in less than 10 minutes total, like in today’s Double Trouble Tabatas.

Tabata training has the added benefit of decreasing impact on our joints due to the shorter duration of the workout, while still delivering massive results through explosive cardio HIIT combos like the ones we’re going to get into.

Remember, to burn off body fat, especially around the belly, we want to focus on a combination of balanced, whole-food nutrition, resistance training to add lean muscle, and – you guessed it – explosive cardio.


Move 1: Mountain Climbers

  • Begin in a tall plank position, hands stacked just below your shoulders.
  • Run your knees into your chest, alternating legs. Keep your core engaged.
  • Mod: Take the running out by slowly alternating your knees to your chest, or do them elevated.

Move 2: Jump Switch Lunges

  • Begin in a strong lunge position, making sure your front knee is in line with your front foot, and when you bend it stays at a 90-degree angle and the knee doesn’t end up beyond the toe.
  • Your back heel is lifted and is in line with your back knee.
  • Jump yourself up and switch positions, landing softly and with good form. You can get your arms involved for balance and speed.
  • Mod: If jumping isn’t a good idea for your knees but you are okay with lunges, perform forward reverse lunges (that’s a forward lunge, followed by a reverse lunge with the same leg) and alternate sides to target all the same muscles. You can also perform basic lunges in place, or walking lunges. Remember to hold onto a wall or railing for balance, as unilateral movements recruit your proprioceptive balancing muscles as well.


Move 1: Jump Squat to High Pull Row

  • Engage your core and shoot your booty back behind you as though you were going to sit on a chair – keeping the weight in your heels and chest up.
  • Drive your heels down to power up to jump, as you jump up drive your elbows up to the sky holding your weighted object.
  • Mod: Take the jump out to lessen the impact, instead perform a body squat with good form. Only squat as deeply as you can comfortably go without bending forward at the waist.

Move 2: Skaters

  • This is an explosive cardio move to get your heart rate pumping!
  • Start in a curtsy lunge position by stepping back with your right leg to just behind or slightly past your left leg.
  • Jump laterally (sideways) to switch legs and continue until the time runs out.
  • Mod: Take the hop out and do alternating reverse curtsy lunges.


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