Try This Awesome Bone Broth Protein Raspberry Smoothie!



If we could only use one word to describe this smoothie it would be: nourishing.

Nothing feels more nourishing to us than bone broth. The more we learn about this traditional superfood the more we understand why it’s so deeply nourishing.

In our opinion, bone broth is right at the top of the list of critical things missing from the average diet, which is why we created this smoothie recipe so you can more easily get it into your diet.

With the added bonus of our Elite Aminos you’ll not only get the healing benefits of the bone broth, but you’ll also get the benefit of maximizing your body’s ability to regenerate or build new tissue necessary for optimal health!


1 Scoop Bone Broth Protein
2 Scoops Elite Aminos
1 cup of ice
1 cup of water

Grab these amazing products so you can try this amazing smoothie for yourself! 
Bone Broth Protein (Protein Synthesis Agent)
Oxy Lean Elite Aminos


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