You Might Be Sore. . .But It’s Worth It!


Summer is officially here, but it’s not too late to get that ‘beach bod’, and I’ve got a booty-popping HIIT circuit with your name on it to celebrate!

Whether you’re rocking shorts, sundresses, or swimsuits this season, today’s Summer Booty Pop will sculpt that booty beautifully while also working your legs, back, abs, and shoulders!

Strengthening your glutes is always a good idea – it can help improve your posture, as well as making everyday things like sitting down, standing up, lifting heavy objects, and even climbing the stairs easier.

Not only that, a strong booty can also protect you from injury, improve your athletic performance, and give you a rockin’ curvy shape.

If you’ve got resistance options handy, like dumbbells or full water bottles, I invite you to use them for that extra push of awesome. I also suggest having an elevated surface nearby, like a couch, chair or bench, to help with a couple of the moves.

We’ll get this done in less than 15 minutes, but remember, you can do this routine as many times as you like if your body is asking for more than 3 rounds!


Move 1: Pop Up to Cross-Body Mountain Climber (0:30)

  • Come down to your mat into a tall plank position, core engaged
  • Snap your feet up into a pike position
  • Hop your feet back into tall plank position and do two cross body mountain climbers bringing your knee across your body
  • Mod: Come up to your elevated surface, jump in and back out, then run your knees to your chest.

Move 2: Tabletop Press to Knee Drive (0:30 each side)

  • Bring your hands and knees to the mat in a tabletop position.
  • Drive your left heel up towards the ceiling, bring it through, step your foot down underneath you and come up to a standing position and drive your opposite knee up to your chest.
  • Come back down to your mat and repeat.

Move 3: Sumo Squat Thrust to Side Knee Crunch (0:30)

  • Start with your feet hips-width apart, engage your core then bend your knees to plant your hands below your shoulders.
  • Jump your feet back to tall plank, feet out wide. Maintain a strong plank, no arched back, belly button in and up.
  • Jump your feet back into the outside of your hands, then drive up powering your left knee out to the side
  • Come back down and repeat driving your right knee up and to the side. Repeat alternating sides for the prescribed time.
  • Mod: Come down to your elevated box or surface

Move 4: Pushups (0:30)

  • Place your hands flat against the surface directly under your shoulders and extend your legs out behind you.
  • Perform a push-up by lowering yourself to meet the surface, back flat, core engaged, and eyes focused about 6 inches in front of you.
  • Push back up. Keep your core engaged the whole time and your neck in neutral alignment.
  • Mod: You can perform these on your knees or on an elevated surface.

Move 5: Deadlifts (0:45)

  • Place your feet hip-distance apart, keeping a soft bend in the knees and grab your weighted objects in each hand.
  • Hinge forward at the hips, pushing your booty back, engaging your core, and keeping your hands/weighted objects close to your shins.
  • Your back will be flat, with tension in your hamstrings and glutes. Lift the chest and press down through your heels to lift your weighted objects up, squeezing your glutes.
  • Be mindful of keeping your back flat and shoulders engaged.

Move 6: Squat Press (0:30)

  • Bring your weight objects to your shoulders, feet hip-width distance apart
  • Stand in front of your box, ottoman, chair, etc. as if you were going to sit down. Feet are hip-width distance apart, chest up and open, core engaged.
  • Sit your booty back to meet your box, weight in your heels. Engage your core as you come back to standing, squeeze your booty at the top and press your weights up.


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