Your Kids And Your Body Are Gonna Thank You For This…


One of the most popular excuses people use to explain their inability to exercise is that they have kids, but being active is just as important for them! We’ve put together this list of activities that will allow you to spend time with the little ones AND stay active!

  1. Hit the hiking trails – If your kids are small, get a carrier and haul them up the trails (that will burn some calories AND build your legs!). When they get bigger, take them by the hand or get an off road stroller. This will not only get in some exercise, but you’ll also be getting out of the house, into nature and really spending time together without the distraction of electronics.

  1. You run, they bike – Allows you a little more tempo and them to show off their biking skills. If you have young kids, you’ll get a great work out pushing them around. And when they’re old enough, you can all go biking together. And again–no electronics!

  1. Play soccer – Back yard soccer is a great way for the kiddos to develop their motor skills while you build up a sweat by running around. It’s a great opportunity to bond and teach the kids about sportsmanship!

  1. Dance off – Who doesn’t like to dance? Put on your favorite music, Zumba tape or radio station and dance around the house with your kids. They’ll have a blast and you’ll burn some calories. If you REALLY want to burn some calories get a copy of Just Dance. You can compete with each other and since you’re technically playing a video game you’ll barely notice that you’re working out.

  1. Join your kid on the playground – The days are getting warmer and your kids are going to want to spend more time outside. Visit your local park and play with them instead of just watching them climb on the jungle gym. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll feel the burn just swinging on the monkey bars for a while.

  1. Jump rope – Jump rope has been a favorite pastime of kids for decades. It’s also an extremely effective cardio for adults! Get yourself a jump rope and spend a while outside playing double dutch!

  1. Trampoline – If you don’t own a trampoline it’s no problem! Trampoline parks have become insanely popular in the last few years. They’re fun for the whole family, and a great cardio workout!

  1. Play in the pool – If you don’t have your own pool visit your local pool! Summer is just around the corner and you’ll be able to cool down, play with your kids and get in a workout. Swimming is one of the best low impact exercises there are, and you’ll burn a ton of calories just playing!

  1. Build a sandcastle – I know this doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but if your shoveling bucket fulls of wet sand your arms will be burning by the end of the day. Create something epic and not only will your body thank you, but you’ll have some impressive pictures to show as well.

  1. Teach your kids how to do a headstand or a cartwheel – Even if you don’t know how to do either of these things you’ll be using muscles that have been neglected while you and your kids laugh at the many failed attempts to get the perfect cartwheel.

  1. Roller skating/roller blading – I used to roller blade for hours when I was younger. I assumed it would be just as easy when I got older, but after an hour my legs were SO sore. But I still had a ton of fun! Get some skates or blades and roll around a park with your kids. You’ll both love it.


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